Dream Yacht Charters are the largest and most diverse fleet in terms of models and manufacturers in the market. They offer the widest range of destinations, from the pink sands of the Caribbean to Europe’s thousands of islands.

To help promo the By The Cabin charters in the beautiful British Virgin Islands BVI’s they comissioned us to make promotional video.

The video featured an interview with Loic Bonnet, founder of Dream Yacht Charter and vox-pops with the professional crews of BVI catamarans.

We spent 7 days filming around the British Virgin Islands also Drone flying and capturing stunning underwater images.

This type of charter makes for the ideal sailing vacation. It’s truly suited for everyone, whether you don’t know how to sail, or you simply want to relax and experience life aboard a crewed luxury yacht. Every member of your family will enjoy their personalized experience on board one of our By The Cabin charters.